A Guide In Selecting Eggs

Eggs are an excellent and affordable source of protein and a number of nutrients, all for 70 calories per large egg.

Both cage free and free range hens are able to roam freely in designated areas, with cage free restricted to a covered/indoor area and free range able to roam outside.  The type of hens, designated space and diet depends on the farms requirements.  

Many researchers believe that Free-Range eggs are the best quality of eggs due to it's higher nutritional value from healthier hens that are allowed to behave normally and roam freely.

Here at Little Farms we have offered both and currently stock Barossa Australian free range eggs.  These eggs come from the Attard Family Farm in the Barossa Valley. The Attards have been in the egg business for three generations: ambassadors and pioneers for hens welfare and local eggs’ quality in South Australia.  Their happy hens range daily, from morning until dawn, in the beautiful setting of the Barossa Valley and are protected by Alpacas.