Sustenir Kale at Little Farms

Kale, Farro, Roma Tomatoes Salad



250g Roasted Farro
4 Baby Roma Tomatoes
70g Fennel
50g Kale
1 Lemon
250g Vegetable Broth
Pinch of Pink Salt
Pinch of Black Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil



1) Add water & vegetable broth into pot & add farro into the pot & bring to boil.
2) Once boil, bring down to med heat & let it cook for 35 mins.
3) Once done, drain the farro & set aside.
  (You can keep in fridge for after or next day use.)
4) Cut fennel into half & slice to thin slice & set aside.
5) Cut tomatoes into half & set aside.
6) Remove kale leaf from the stronk & cut into bite size & set aside.
7) In a bowl, add farro, tomatoes, fennel & kale, then add salt, pepper & extra virgin olive oil & mix well.
8) Lastly, squeeze in lemon & lightly toss it & you are ready to serve.