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5 Tips For A Perfect Picnic Basket

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Picnic Basket

When it comes to spending time with your family and friends on the weekends, a picnic is always a great idea. We all have our own favourites when it comes to preparing a picnic basket, so in case you're getting stuck, here are our favourite things to include in the perfect picnic basket!


1. Fresh fruits

Picnic Basket Strawberry   Strawberry 250g

Little Farms Organic Banana   Organic Bananas 500g


Fresh fruits are not only healthy, but also make for a refreshing and hydrating snack on a hot and sunny day. There are no limits to what kind of fruits you might choose for your own basket: bananas, apples, berries, etc.. For an even better combo, we'd suggest adding your favourite tub of yoghurt too!


 2. Cold drinks 

Picnic Basket Coconut Drink   Drinking Coconut

Picnic Basket Inside/Out Iced Tea   Inside/Out Cold Brew Organic Tea 350ml 


In hot and humid Singapore: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - cold drinks are a must. With our selection of drinks, you've got a wide variety of iced teas, fruit juices and more! To keep things tropical, we would suggest adding drinking coconuts to your basket! 


3. Chips and dips

Picnic Basket Giuseppe Traditional Crostini 200g   Giuseppe Traditional Crostini 200g

Picnic Basket Dips   Fresh Fodder Hommous 200g


Nothing beats sharing a good time with your friends and family. The same goes for sharing your favourite snacks with them, right?! Simply pick your favourite crackers and dips, and share that hommous with your picnic partners!


4. Sweet snacks

Picnic Basket Coney Island Popcorn   Coney Island Roasted Cinnamon Bun 8oz

Picnic Basket Loving Earth Chocolate   Loving Earth Raspberry Chocolate 80g


For the sweettooths out there, this should just be on the top of this list! We're currently loving Coney Island flavoured popcorn, candy sharing packs and Loving Earth chocolate bars.


5. The 'boring' necessities 

While enjoying your free time outside, remember to apply sun screen with minimum SPF 50 (and bring it with your to re-apply after every 3 - 4 hours). And of course, your favourite pair of sunglasses.  


Picnic Basket Little Farms Bag


Here are our favourite picks for a perfect picnic basket!

We hope that this list can bring you some inspiration for your next picnic trip. And wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead from the Little Farms family! 


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