A Pint-sized Guide to Craft Beer

Oktoberfest may be cancelled in Munich this year – but it isn’t at Little Farms!

The world’s largest party continues at our River Valley café, where our kitchen is serving up a sizzling storm of smoked ham hock, sausage platters and Little Creatures beer. If you’re looking to take the party home, however, then our delicious selection of craft beers is waiting for you in-store. Malty, spicy, tropical and floral, they’re a diverse crew made only by the industry’s finest and most passionate artisans.

We’ve compiled this pint-sized guide to our craft beer brands, so read on and meet your drinking companions this holiday.  


Moo Beer

To give you a taste of the Tazmania's largest craft brewery, we’ve brought their award-winning Pale Ale, Dark Ale and Pilsner into our stores.

Try their signature Pale Ale for a refreshingly balanced beer, with floral and citrus tones meeting a healthy bitterness. Go over to the dark side with Moo Brew’s Dark Ale, which draws on chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours. Refresh your palate with their crisp Pilsner, which puts a twist on the traditional lager with German Spalt hops.

Who said craft beer had to be all that traditional?

Stone & Wood

This Australian brewery bottles the golden haze of the Pacific Coast.

Brewed in New South Wales’ Northern Rivers, Stone & Wood’s original Pacific Ale and Green Coast Lager are summery fresh beers. Pacific Ale is bursting with passionfruit and tropical fruit aromas, Australian barley and Galaxy hops; Green Coast Lager is clean and crisp, with German origin malts for a traditional European profile.

Beautiful beers like this aren’t just good for bratwurst and pretzels – try Pacific Ale with fresh fish and Green Coast Lager with an Asian curry.

Sierra Nevada

For a beer as legendary as Oktoberfest itself, look no further than Sierra Nevada’s original Pale Ale.

The Californian brewery claims that this was the lager that made hops famous, bringing the American craft beer industry back from extinction in the 1980s. A gorgeous amber with complex pine and citrus notes, this old timer will be an iconic guest at your celebrations.

All you’ve got to do is order one of our platters, pour yourself a cold Pale Ale, and let this craft beer sparkle.

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