Boost Your Metabolism

Burning fat doesn't always mean spending hours at the gym. Here are some lifestyle habits to get your metabolism revving in full gear.

1. Eat Breakfast

The most important meal of the day, having your breakfast is crucial as it determines your metabolic pace of the day. Research shows that people who eat breakfast tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day, allowing a better long-term weight management. Fuel your mornings with a healthy breakfast to get that energy boost you need to start the day. 


2. Drink Lots Of Water

To get that quick boost, drink at least 2 liters of water (eight 8-ounces glasses) every day, also known as the 8 x 8 rule. Even through a state of mild dehydration, this can slow down your metabolism. To get 
Many of us are in a constant state of mild dehydration. We go through the day drinking little water and forget that our bodies need water to burn calories. Even mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism. Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal and after a meal will help your body metabolise even faster as you are not diluting the digestive enzymes to break down your meal and absorb nutrients.


3. Get A Dose Of Caffeine 

It's no surprise that a cup coffee in the morning perks you up. That's because the caffeine in the coffee increases energy levels by improving your brain function such as reaction times, memory, mood, and energy levels.

Did you also know that caffeine acts as a natural fat burning supplement? Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by 3 to 11%. Not a fan of coffee? Switch to other caffeine foods such as green tea. Full of antioxidants, green tea (unsweetened) is easy to consume and can increase your calorie burn by 100 calories a day. 


4. Get Enough Sleep

Research shows that getting less sleep could affect your metabolism and cause weight gain. Try to get an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep to allow your body for optional function. Not only will sleeping the recommended hours will benefit your metabolism, but your overall health.


5. Eat These Foods

Not only there are lifestyle habits to improve your metabolism, you can do it by eating right too. There are foods that are known to rev up your metabolism. Try incorporating hot foods such as peppers and chilis, avocados, egg whites, sea vegetables (seaweed, spirulina), salmon, almonds, and lentils.  



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