Byron Bay Artisans
Have you heard of Byron Bay? Pristine, sublime beaches, popular surfspots, weekend artisan markets, backpackers and hippies of Art Factory Lodge, and the Australian haute-boho lifestyle has made Byron Bay into one of the popular destinations in Australia. But what we come to appreciate out of Byron Bay is it's growing entrepreneurial culture.
Although well known for its food and local restaurants, Byron Bay is home to a number of farms and local food artisans with beautiful brands and eco-friendly foods. Continue reading below to learn more about some of our Byron Bay artisans that we have brought into Little Farms just for you.
Pictured: The Brook family (left to right) Eddie, Pam, Martin and Will.
Located on the crest of a ridge in the Byron hinterland, Brookfarm has over 4000 macadamia trees, and planted over 30 acres of a subtropical rainforest and wild eucalypt forests, in which wild native animals such as platypus, owls, and koalas have come to inhabit. Brookfarm depends on these native animals to help maintain the natural balance of their farm as a fully integrated farm system.
Believe in caring for the planet, Brookfarm created a Bakehouse which is powered by 288 solar panels that gives their muesli and granolas that warm toasty taste.


Pictured: Tahlia & Scott, Founders of Made With Raw Love
Made With Raw Love
Made With Raw Love is a love story that brought Tahlia and Scott together. Inspired by the use of healing oils used in chocolate that was given to Tahlia from Scott, Made By Raw Love began it's journey to create medicinal organic chocolate using ingredients such as tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and superfoods. 
As ingredients are a great importance to their medicinal chocolates, Tahlia and Scott source foods that are high nutritional value and for the high standard of fairness to which they were produced. After Tahlia finishes making each batch of chocolate, they play the singing bowls (used for yoga and meditation practices) to lovingly infuse the healing sounds into their chocolates!
And if that doesn't top it off, Made With Raw Love' donates 10% of their profit to charity and their chocolate packaging are 100% Australian recycled outer, vegetable ink printing and compostable cello bag. Our favourites are Brain Love flavour for its use of local ingredients such as Finger Lime and Riberry ingredients, and Immuni Shroom flavour for it's Chaga & Reishi mushrooms and Luo Han Guo ingredients!
Source: Byron Bay Peanut Butter
Byron Bay Peanut Butter
With some of the best peanuts in the world, Byron Bay Peanut Butter's oleic peanuts are sourced from Sunny Queensland where they travel down the coast to Byron Bay to be smashed! What are oleic peanuts you ask? Oleic peanuts contain a higher concentration of oleic acid compared to your original peanut. Oleic acis is a monounsaturated fatty acid that is known as a good fat, reducing the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) while boosting the levels of HDL (good cholesterol).
 Byron Bay Peanut butter supports their local farmers and peanut smashers. 
Pictured: Will & Trudy, Founders of Chow Cacao
Chow Cacao
Another chocolate brand we've come to be addicted to is Chow Cacao. Started by 2 chocolatiers, Will and Trudy, they hand make their raw organic chocolate in their chocolate studio in Byron Bay. Using traditional methods of chocolate making, Chow Cacao's chocolates are made of fairtrade raw cacao from Peru, and coconut sugar from Indonesia, without compromising taste. 
Known for their high cacao content and simplicity, Chow Cacao chocolates are vegan, no refined sugar, no artificial flavours or preservatives.
Source: IG @ byronbaymuesli
Byron Bay Muesli
 Embracing the Byron Bay healthy lifestyle, Byron Bay Muesli has been making their roasted muesli in the bay for 16 years. They pride in themselves for making their muesli with no added nasties such as refined sugar and preservatives. Made with only organic oats, biodynamic fruit, local honey for sweetening, and macadamia nuts. 
Source: IG @ thebuchaofbyron
The Bucha of Byron
We're excited to finally bring in our first brand of kombucha, The Bucha of Byron! Brewed in Byron Bay using the finest locally sourced ingredients, The Bucha's kombucha is a sparkling, raw, fermented drink brimming with probiotics and enzymes. For those who don't know what kombucha is, it is a fermented tea that has been known to promote gut health, aid digestion and liver function.
Byron Naked Dips
 With the foresight to see the rising trend of a healthy lifestyle in Byron Bay back in 1993, Byron Health Foods now distributes over three thousand health food products, with some completely innovative and unique such as Naked Byron Dips. Lovingly crafted in Byron Bay, Naked Byron Dips creates an exquisite variety of dips and pestos from only fresh natural ingredients, including a range of vegan options. No artificial colours or flavours. GMO free-low GI and gluten free.

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