Choosing The Right Vegetables


Choosing vegetables at your local grocer looks easy but you want to choose the vegetables when they are at their freshest and most readily available. 

If done so, the vegetables chosen will taste the best and be at their most nutritious form.

Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the best vegetables out there.


What's In Season

Choosing the freshest, best looking and tastiest vegetables out there requires seasonal knowledge. Not sure what vegetables are in season? Ask your local shop owner for advice or research online (like this Australian seasonal vegetablechart) what local produce are available to you this season. 

Firm, Crisp, Tough Is The Way To Go

Always look for the most crisp, fresh looking vegetables that have brightly coloured leaves. With most vegetables like onions, potatoes, and cucumbers you want them to be as firm as possible. Softness in areas generally means rotting or bruising. For leafy greens, expect a little browness and a few tears in leaves due to shipping and handling but majority of the leaves should be green, crisp, smooth and unbroken.

Love Those Ugly Vegetables

Don't shy away from those misshapen and irregular (or as we like to say, ugly vegetables) as they sometimes have the best taste! Being irregular shaped doesn't mean it is spoiled or rotten, it just visually doesn't look appealing!

Avoid Sprouted Root Vegetables

Root vegetables like garlic, onion, potatoes that have sprouted a seedling should be avoided as they would have lost most of its nutrients and won't be tasty. In addition, root vegetables with cracks on the base means it is too dry to be used.

Taste The Rainbow

Be sure to eat a rainbow of colours to maximise those nutritional benefits into your diet. Each colour carries its own set of nutrition profiles and unique disease fighting chemicals called phytochemicals. For example, purple vegetables have anthocyanin pigments, which have antioxidant properties and can help reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart diseases.

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