Customer Prapti Anand is Sweet on Good Fruit

Prapti loves the smell and feel of a perfect peach or a juicy Mandarin orange. She routinely finds herself gently pressing her hand around a mango or a pomelo to see if it’s ripe and leaning in to take a whiff. She’s a connoisseur of small, round, naturally sweet treats in their rainbow of peels and skin, approaching a shopping trip to Little Farms like an oenophile on a holiday to Bordeaux.

A true lover of fruit, Prapti and her family go through dozens of pieces a week. Getting the best is a priority for her.

“More than anything else, I come to Little Farms for the quality,” Prapti says.

Little Farms gets the vast majority of its fruit and produce from Australia, unlike other grocery stores. Stores where the plums and papayas are rock hard and tasteless thanks to being artificially ripened, often with calcium carbide or ethylene gas, during long one- to two-week trips by cargo ship from far corners of the globe. Little Farms produce, on the other hand, comes from Australian farms committed to offering clean, natural produce that is sent to Singapore by plane, arriving on shelves in just half a day.

“You can’t beat the fruit at Little Farms — it’s far more flavorful than the insipid stuff you get at the big chain stores. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it,” Prapti adds.

Quite particular about what she feeds her family, Prapti traces her health-conscious ways to watching her father and sister struggle with various maladies over the years, from hypertension to weight gain and diabetes.

Healthy Snacks for Son

Another reason that Prapti keeps coming back to Little Farms on a weekly basis is to pick up nutritious snacks for her 8-year-old son that will survive the day in a backpack, unrefrigerated. Not interested in taking the easy way out by tossing processed treats into his bag, Prapti is committed to giving her son only nutritious wholesome food.

And so it’s not surprising she loves “energy pearls” from The Whole Kitchen. Little Farms carries several flavours and each pack contains a pair of nutritious golf-ball-sized fibre- and nutrient-rich nuggets. The main ingredient is dates, which are combined with a variety of flavours, from sesame to cacao and coconut. Her son gobbles them up. Mission accomplished.

The freshly-baked croissants that come straight from the ovens of Bakery Artisan Original, are another frequent Little Farms snack purchase for Prapti. And so are the gluten-free brownies and the banana bread offered by the piece in Little Farms’ Valley Point cafe. They’re another go-to snack for her son and she frequently brings them to playdates, where they always get raves from the other mums and children. In fact, several of Prapti’s friends loved the brownies so much, they went straight to the Little Farms website for the recipe so they could bake them at home. Here it is.

“I really appreciate having options that aren’t artificial and filled with salt and sugar,” Prapti says.

She’ll Be Baaaaa-ck.

Once a week or so, Prapti heads straight for Little Farms’ Australian organic lamb, a meat she uses throughout the week for kebabs, meatballs, Indian-style minced meat curry, and even Bolognese sauce. She hasn’t found a better quality lamb anywhere else in Singapore.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to know what you’re eating and where it comes from. Our health depends on it,” Prapti says.


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