Fight Those Sugar Cravings With These Foods

It’s 4pm in the afternoon and you stop to grab that cookie. After which you grab a cola to get out of that post slump.

If you found yourself constantly eating sugary snacks that make you crave more, you are not alone.
Sugar is highly addictive and only gives you a spike of energy, even though this necessarily may not be good energy. Soon your body crashes and looks for more of that white stuff. Thus leaving you with a vicious cycle of sugar cravings.
If you plan on cutting down on that sweet tooth of yours or to manage that sugar habit better, here is a list of foods to help curb that sugar craving:


A superfood in many ways, Spirulina is super rich in minerals and micro-nutrients that helps your body make energy and fill nutritional gaps. When your body cravings gets what it wants, it will not crave sugar, salt, starches so much.

Healthy Fats

Be it nuts, nut butters, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, these are all foods that are heart healthy and maintain blood sugar. These healthy fat foods will also give you the steady energy and keep you full for hours.

Lean Proteins

Adding lean meats such as turkey and salmon to your diet will help your body from releasing insulin because of sugar/carbohydrate breakdown. As pure proteins, your body will stay in ketosis without releasing insulin.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods and drinks help bring the gut microbiome into balance by introducing more probiotics, increases the body’s immune system, regulate appetite and reduce sugar cravings. Such foods and drinks are sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and yoghurt.

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Bharti Surtani

Thank you, this supermarket has been a boon- and I am happy that I live in the neighbourhood.
I love the tips- just like the one about sugar cravings- being a diabetic and living on my own this gives me an incentive to go for healthy choices.
It would be remiss of me, if I did not mention the excellent friendly staff.

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