Calcium Absorption & Nutrition for Kids
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We have Katie from Hello Balance onboard with us to share about the importance of staying healthy and active during the period of circuit breaker. With most of us staying indoors 24/7, it is easy to slip off our mind of not receiving adequate vitamin D daily. 

Let’s Talk About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Vitamin D is made by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight, so go for daily walks in uncrowded places and play outside as a family to break up the day and get some energy out. Just 10-30 minutes midday can meet your vitamin D needs as long as some skin is exposed to the sun. Please practice sun safety.

Stay Active

Daily movement, sports, and exercise supports overall health, cognition, and building strong bones and muscles, so even though sports are cancelled it’s important to keep those kiddos active.

Top 7 Calcium Rich Foods

  • Dairy:
    Look for organic and a full fat variety (organic because you’re getting a healthier and more balanced omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and full fat because it contains less sugar/lactose
  • Seeds:
    Poppy seeds (great in a salad dressing), chia seeds (won’t even taste them blended into a smoothie), sesame seeds/tahini (perfect accompaniment for a white bean hummus recipe), sunflower seeds (try sunflower butter for a non-nut alternative)
  • Beans/legumes:
    Especially white beans (would be delicious in a hummus or soup)
  • Leafy Greens:
    Especially kale and bok choy (tastes so good with sautéed some coconut aminos)
  • Cruciferous Vegetables:
    Especially broccoli and broccoli rabe (try adding them to savoury egg-y breakfast muffins)
  • Almonds:
    Almonds, almond butter, and Almo almond milk are all great options.
  • Sweet Potatoes:
    Perfect to sneak into baked goods like brownie batter or pancakes


Please enjoy this video, specially recorded by Katie whom she would share more insights for the topic on Calcium Absorption and Nutrition for Kids!

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