Gets a Revamp Gets a Revamp

We heard you and made constructive changes to our website to beef up content and boost functionality. We have dramatically improved the way our website reflects product availability and will continually strive to improve it. is now sleeker and easier to use and offers more features to better educate our foodie fans about our appetising variety of products and special events, complementing the in-store experience at our four outlets.

We’ve fortified our content with mini-articles and recipes in a revamped and prominent section called “Farm Features” that’s a breeze to explore. Here we’ll share all we know, from nutrition (just what is the human microbiome anyway?) to profiles of our favorite suppliers so you can better understand where our food (your food!) comes from. The new will offer up the inside scoop on popular diets; for instance, comparing the Paleo and Keto diets, and discussing the pros and cons of going gluten-free. We’ll be writing about why it’s important to eat what’s in season, why it matters to go natural or organic, and so much more.

Read featured recipes and get the low-down on cool in-store events, from a hands-on “No Fuss Home Entertaining” workshop to sweet talks by nutritionists about the many kinds of sugar out there or how to pack a healthy lunch for your child. Another section of our new site focuses on the Little Farms Cafes in the Holland Village and River Valley locations, with links to menus and shout-outs about special promotions and new menu items.

Our refreshed is an organic extension of our bricks and mortar in-store experience, and underlines what we're becoming — an indispensable, delicious, and nutritious part of your Singapore life.

In short, is not only a repository of food and knowledge for your soul, it’s a map for seeing what we offer and getting it into your kitchen. When you can’t make it to one of our four stores, our enhanced online shopping experience means it’s easier than ever to order the products you know and love and have them delivered to your home. Anything offered in the flagship Little Farms River Valley branch is available for delivery.

Stop by again soon, we’re just a click away.


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