Mexican Recipes

(A Little Farms Chefs Exclusive)

Give these Mexican recipes a try and hone your cooking skills - start with your very own homemade guacamole 🥑 and tacos 🌮!

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Servings 6

  • De seed the Avocados and peel to remove the avocado flesh, lightly crush the avocado.

    2. Add in fresh lemon juice, olive oil, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion and chopped herbs.

    3. Adjust the seasoning and keep chill. Serve it with chips as a dip or add it into wraps or as a side.


6 Hass Avocados
120g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1no Lemon
150g Roma Tomatoes
100g Spanish Onion
1 Red Capsicum (optional)
4g Flat Leaf Parsley
4g Cilantro
Pinch Sea Salt
Pinch Black Pepper


Servings 6

  • Cut the Salmon fillet into 1 inch cubes, season well and shallow fry the salmon till medium well cooked. Set aside.

    2. Prepare the guacamole in advance and keep aside. Chopped the fresh herbs and slice the Spanish onion.

    3. Prepare the dip by mixing chopped dill and lemon juice into the plain yoghurt. Serve on the side.

    4. Grill the Flour Tortilla Skin till nice brown, assemble the Guacamole on the tortilla, add in the salmon cubes and chopped herbs.

    5. Ready to serve!


200g Salmon Fillet (or any white fish)
6nos Flour Tortilla Skin
150g Guacamole
2g Chopped Fresh Dills
2g Chopped Flat Leaf Parsley
40g Sliced Spanish Onion

Dill yoghurt dip:
150g Plain Greek Yoghurt
4g Chopped Fresh Dill
50g Lime Juice

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Servings 6

  • Heat up the prepared Smoked Beef Brisket on a skillet.

    2. Grilled the Tortilla Skin till nice brown.

    3. Cut the Avocado into 1 inch cubes, slice the pickled beetroot.

    4. Portion the butterhead lettuce. Assemble the lettuce on the tortilla skin, avocados and brisket. Top it up with some pickled beetroot.

    5. Serve with Honey Mustard Dip.


200g Prepared Smoked Beef Brisket
50g Pickled Beetroot
80g Butterhead Lettuce
1no Avocado
6nos Flour Tortilla Skin

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