Nature's Food to Better Your Mood

It's the start of another week and we can't help feeling the Monday Blues with this dreary weather.

Our solution to better our mood is food. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are not only healthy, but help boost those serotonin levels and combat depression. Here is a list of nutrients you should take to help turn those frowns upside down.



Folate (also known as B9 or folic acid) helps the body create new cells and supports serotonin regulation. Folate deficiency can cause fatigue in addition to lowering levels of serotonin.
Blueberries, Enriched cereals, asparagus, and avocado are a good source of folate, which also has the added benefit of boosting the efficiency of antidepressants. 


Low levels of iron can often lead to fatigue, mood change, and depression. By helping to deliver oxygen to your blood, supporting energy levels and aiding muscle strength, iron is an important nutrient you need to help you power through the day. 
Other than meat, spinach, kidney beans, and lentils are your best source for iron. 

Omega 3

An essential fatty acid in brain health and contributes up to 18% of the brain's weight, the body does not naturally produce Omega-3s. Omega 3 deficiency symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, memory decline, and depression.  
Adding salmon, chia seeds, spinach and broccoli to your diet will help increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids. 


Playing a large role in the development of serotonin, a major contributor to emotions of happiness, Magnesium is a mineral that helps regulate emotions, and is a common ingredient in homeopathic remedies for balancing mood.
Almonds, spinach, cashews and edamame are a good source of magnesium.


























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