Our Cafe Is Open Till 8pm!

Our Café is now open till 8:00pm!

Good News Little Farmers!

We have extended our opening café hours! We are now open from 7:30am till 8:00pm daily. For those looking for dinner options in the area, we also now include a weekly dinner menu available from 5:00pm onwards.

Pan Seared Salmon

So what's on our dinner menu? To start, we have Beef Striploin, Pan Seared Salmon, Vegetable Dips, Pasta and Soups of the day.

Enjoy a glass of Rosé or white wine while you dine

Need a place to sit down and grab a drink? Browse through our range of artisanal crafted beers, or have a glass of rosé available for you to drink starting this Thursday, 5th April. 

Stay tuned as we work to bring you more delicious and exciting dinner items over the next few weeks and hope to see you join us at our café!

491 River Valley Road #01-20, 248371
7:30AM - 8:00PM


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