Pumpkin Carving
o\Halloween is here!! Join in the tradition of pumpkin carving. It is great fun for the entire family! Don't know how? We have made a super easy guide for this fun family activity.
Cut around the top. Beware of the sharp knife!
It pops right out
Scoop out the insides. This is to slow down the rotting of the pumpkin and it will last much longer! 
Using a marker design your face and carve away!
We recommend using a small battery powered candle light instead of a real candle as the heat will speed up the rotting of the pumpkin. In Singapore's hot and humid weather, the pumpkin will fare much longer in air-conditioned environment! 
Carve and enjoy! These Jack-O-Lanterns brings a customised decor for your home this Halloween. 
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