Red-Tipped Bananas

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Heard about Red-tipped Bananas? 

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are an Australian owned and grown product up in Northern Queensland. Our Ecoganic™ Certified group of growers consist of 6 family owned farms producing over 1000 acres of Eco Bananas (also known as “wax tips”). 

These distinctive, safe and trademarked wax tip lets you know that our Eco Bananas have been grown by the hard work with the least intervention of any farming system in the world to protect the soil for future farming, prevent chemicals (organic and synthetic) from polluting nearby waterways on the Great Barrier Reef and provide a healthy, nutritious snack for you and your family.

Ecoganics™ is very similar to the way produce was grown years ago, long before the reliance on insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers was created. Ecoganic™ farming builds and strengthens the farm ecosystem. We have discovered that mother nature has generously provided all the natural resources we need to grow a healthy crop, sustain a healthy lifestyle and protect the future for our family and yours.

No other producer may mark their fruit with a coloured wax tip unless they are an approved Ecoganic™ farming supplier.

Why the distinctive Wax Tip was created

Many customers are curious to know why we dip the fruit in coloured wax and whether it is safe. The Ecoganic™ fruit is grown to a certified standard that does not use chemicals (synthetic or organic) which deplete the soil and harm insects, reptiles, birds and other animals, we needed a clear, healthy and unique way to let you know that you were selecting fruit that is good for you, good for the soil, good for the environment and good for the waterways (including as far out as The Great Barrier Reef).

This patented wax tip is our way of letting you know that any fruit which bears the wax tip (red, pink, green or blue), is grown to the highest eco-growing standard in the world.

The Ecoganic™ farming system produces a fruit that has a sweeter creamier flavour and a denser texture giving it a longer shelf life. All Ecoganic™ fruit is dipped in a specific food grade wax which is non-toxic, safe and recyclable. This is similar to the wax you currently see used on soft cheeses.  Visit their website to learn more about Ecoganic™.

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