Stand Up for Sustainability

We’ve all seen the headlines. Garbage patches floating around the oceans. Plastic bags, straws and other non-biodegradable debris littering the world’s beaches. More and more of us want to do something to reduce our impact on our environment.

Fortunately, companies like Ever Eco are coming up with clever ideas for products that can be used and incorporated into our daily lives instead of single-use plastics that wind up in landfills or polluting our waterways.

We know our customers care about the environment as much as we do, and so in the spirit of doing good things for mother earth, we’re offering a new range of useful green-friendly products from Ever Eco. Based in Australia, family-owned and -operated Ever Eco follows their passion for making the world a healthier place and for sharing sustainable options that are practical and affordable. And stylish too!

We now stock these reusable Ever Eco products in all four of our stores:

  • Unbleached cotton net tote bags
  • Mesh, net and organic cotton produce bags
  • Stainless steel cups and straws (cleaning brush included!)
  • Milk nut bags (for making your own fresh nut milk)

These useful products complement the steps we’ve already taken to reduce our plastic footprint. Whenever possible we try to display and sell our produce “naked” — not wrapped in plastic. Further, in our cafes, we use ceramic plates and mugs, glass drinking tumblers and refillable bottles of (free) water, and biodegradable containers and utensils for takeaway food. In lieu of styrofoam and plastic boxes, we instead offer sugarcane “bagasse” takeaway containers in our cafes. Made from the dry sugarcane pulp that’s left over after sugar is processed, the pulp is upcycled into environmentally responsible containers that are compostable and biodegradable in as little as 60 days. WOW! We also offer attractive single-use cutlery made from sustainably-harvested plantation birch, a hardwood that doesn’t splinter easily and biodegrades in 90 days.


Another initiative has grown out of a partnership with one of our bottled juice suppliers, Gorilla Press. If you return their glass drinks bottles to Little Farms, Gorilla Press will collect them for recycling. And, for customers who bring their own bags to our stores (or bring back a Little Farms paper bag from a previous visit), we offer a 30 cent discount off the bill with a maximum of 90 cents. We are constantly on the lookout for feasible biodegradable options and ways to improve and appreciate your continued support.

Saving the earth and saving you money! That’s a bonus all the way around.
Click here to read more about our efforts to reduce plastic in our stores. 


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