Tips To Prevent That NYE Hangover

We get it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle sometimes means enjoying more than 
one glass of red wine - especially during the holidays! We've put together some tips 
to help stop or even possibly prevent that hangover from even coming on.














One word only matters - water! The most important tip is to drink lots of water throughout the night. Non-caffeinated, non-carbonated sports drinks work like a charm too. 
Alcohol can lead to dehydration and is the cause of that pounding headache you get in the morning. So make sure to continuously drink water and remember, for every glass of alcohol you drink, match it with a glass of water.

Skip The Bubbles

We all love the champagne bubbles on New Years Eve but opting out or any other alcohol mixed with carbonated beverages may save yourself from that New Year's Day hangover. Research shows carbonated alcoholic drinks causes alcohol to be absorbed at a much faster rate compared to non-carbonated alcoholic drinks. If celebration causes you to drink champagne, stir the bubbles out with a straw and enjoy.

Go Light

You've probably noticed that different kinds of alcohol causes different kinds of hangovers. That's because studies has shown that darker alcohol like rum, whiskey, contain more concentrated congeners (byproduct produced from fermenting alcohol), and highly tannic red wines causes changes in serotonin levels which trigger headaches. Going for lighter alcohol such as vodka, gin, and white wine are kinder options.

Load Up On Food

Before drinking, line your stomach with a good and healthy meal as it allows a slower of absorption rate alcohol into your bloodstream. Load up on healthy fats and lean sources of protein such as avocado, chickpeas, potatoes, and salmon will slow your digestion and the absorption of alcohol.

Drink Moderately

We hate to preach but everything should be taken in moderation! Stick to 2 standard drinks a day, which is the recommended max intake for women. Respect your natural limits and embrace the new year without that nasty hangover!



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