We Are Our Suppliers
We Are Our Suppliers

Because we know you can’t grow a business with a small supply chain, Little Farms focuses on building a big diverse network of partners. We take the time to cultivate supplier relationships, working together to fulfill a shared goal of providing our customers in Singapore with the best, most ethically grown, raised, and produced food available.

We source from about 200 suppliers around the world, with the majority based in Australia due to the combination of its close proximity to Singapore and its abundance of high quality, clean, natural produce, dairy, meat and seafood. Add to that Australia’s efficient infrastructure and robust commitment around healthy eating and it makes perfect sense. Our management is well connected and understands Australia’s food scene — who the best suppliers are and which ones align with our mission.

Since our suppliers are our partners, we devote lots of time and energy to build relationships with them. We expect the best from our suppliers and in return, we treat them with the respect they deserve.

Always on the lookout for new boutique products

We do our homework. We talk to folks in the food world and to customers so that we can stay on top of trends and strive to always be informed about new suppliers and products, whether a cool twist on traditional peanut butter or an amazing brand of chocolate or yoghurt.

We cold call suppliers to make sure their customer service and attitude are right for us. And then we rely on our collective gut instincts — our intuition if you will — to make that final decision whether or not to pick up a new product and offer it in our stores.

Of course, we work with major suppliers — such as Barambah Organics for milk, Evia yoghurt, and Cape Grim Beef — but, we tend to gravitate toward smaller boutique suppliers, the likes of No 9 Peanut Butter, Almo Milk, Jiva Kombucha, and Bonnie Goods for crackers. Our shelves are stocked with products from mom and pop shops who might only focus on three or four items. We love supporting them and we love offering our customers tasty treats they may not be able to find anywhere else.

In fact, we carry a number of only-in-Singapore exclusives, like Coco Tribe chocolates, Sahara Kefir Probiotic drinks, Blue Dinosaur protein bars, Francois Doucet chocolates, Lillie’s Q Barbecue Sauces, and G. Luxe snack bars.

When you shop at Little Farms, you can be sure we’re doing our best to get you the best there is.

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Rose Parbery

Would love for LittleFarms to open up somewhere on the east coast. Perhaps in Kallang Wave? From a happy customer

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