The Giribizzi brand is committed to discovering the very best artisan food in Italy. Their food is made by people who value tradition, purity, seasonality, and exceptional flavour. They seek unique products that don’t contain preservatives, feature amazing flavours, and are very often limited in their productions due to seasonality. Their suppliers are selected for their passion, energy, and extremely high standards in growing and making their products – often using centuries-old techniques and processes. They target a very specific ‘audience’: people with a passion for food who value a premium and distinctive eating experience, taking into account pure ingredients and seasonal choices.

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Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 Months
Giribizzi Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 Months
1 Piece (~300g)
Pecorino di Crotone Semiduro DOP
Giribizzi Pecorino di Crotone Semiduro DOP
1 Piece (~300g)
Ventresca Tuna Belly
Giribizzi Ventresca Tuna Belly
1 Jar (200g)
Polenta & Rosemary Crackers
Giribizzi Polenta & Rosemary Crackers
1 Pack (110g)