Organic Mountain

It started a thousand years ago with their ancestors, the Tayrona people. They were the first to cultivate Organic Mountain using sustainable farming methods that looked to the future and benefited the whole community. Today, their world is a little bigger but their mission remains the same: support local farmers and their communities. They strive to provide you and your family nourishment with the best and most ethically sourced organic ingredients. Respect the land and nurture a more sustainable future that will enrich us all.

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Coffee - Dark & Intense
Organic Mountain Coffee - Dark & Intense
100g (1 jar)
Organic Cocoa Powder
Organic Mountain Organic Cocoa Powder
250g (1 tin)
Organic Drinking Chocolate
Organic Mountain Organic Drinking Chocolate
350g (1 tin)
Organic Classic Roasted Coffee
Organic Mountain Organic Classic Roasted Coffee
100g (1 bottle)
Organic Colombian Decaf Coffee
Organic Mountain Organic Colombian Decaf Coffee
100g (1 bottle)