Serious Popcorn

Snacking has a bad rap. Most snack foods aren't made in a way that's any good for you or the planet. Serious Food are here to change all that.

Serious Popcorn is a gluten-free, light and healthy snack that they pop by hand and season to foodie perfection. From the farm to the bag, their organic corn is 100% traceable and is grown without using chemical nasties – so you can snack in a way that's sustainable for your body and sustainable for the world. They call this Sustainable Snacking.

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Sea Salt Popcorn - Multipack
Serious Popcorn Sea Salt Popcorn - Multipack
10 Pouches x 12g
Dark Choc Drizzle Popcorn
Serious Popcorn Dark Choc Drizzle Popcorn
1 Bag (100g)
Coconut Vanilla Popcorn
Serious Popcorn Coconut Vanilla Popcorn
1 Bag (80g)
Seasalt Popcorn
Serious Popcorn Seasalt Popcorn
1 Bag (70g)
Serious Popcorn Real Butter
Serious Popcorn Serious Popcorn Real Butter
1 Bag (70g)
Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn
Serious Popcorn Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn
1 Bag (80g)