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Aix Rose 2016


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Aix Rose 2016

"AIX Rose is made in the Provence region of France, just an hour North-East from the historical city of Aix-en-Provence. The Provence region is known for making the best rose in the world. From the renowned appellation 'AOP Coteaux d'Aix en Provence', AIX nurtures its heritage and has a passion and dedication to make the best Provence rose.

''heritage, passion and dedication''


A spirit of generosity

Born from generosity, AIX is the wine for people who enjoy life; for people who enjoy celebrating in style. It is the wine that brings people together to share a glass, a meal, a story, a moment. An affordable everyday little luxury, AIX is celebrated for all things that make rose great: France, Provence, tradition and quality.

''an affordable everyday little luxury''


Symbolised by the seal of two Mandarin ducks, ''AIX Galericulata'' in Latin, AIX is inspired by the same simple beauty of sharing one's life with another. Dramatic and full of colour, these birds that remain together for life reflect great devotion and generosity of spirit. You'll find the essence of this generosity cast back into every bottle of AIX Rose.

''simple beauty of sharing''


Hard work and significant investments contributed to the creation of AIX, but it was the passion and promise to favour quality above all that has made the dream of this beautiful rose a reality for wine lovers the world over.

''quality above all''


A fragrant and well balanced wine, AIX's hypnotising salmon pink colour reveals a fruity freshness and premium rose. The nose is fresh and fragrant, delicate yet youthful and offers classy notes of watermelon, strawberries and flowers. Created using 30% of rose bleeding and 70% direct pressing, the softest hint of Carignan was added to the classical Provence blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault to give the 2016 vintage an even more profound depth. Fermented between a cool 11 and 13 degrees Celsius, AIX Rose is elegant, generous and tasty and the perfect wine to drink all day long.

''classical blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault''


Our dedication and passion towards making AIX known as the best Provence rose has been acknowledged with several gold awards over the past years. Furthermore, AIX cemented its pedigree, when it was awarded the gold medal to become the most celebrated rose in the world at the 'Mondial du Rose 2016' (International Rose Wine Competition) in Cannes.

''several gold medals over the past years''


Found in the right places

We are determined to align our brand exclusively with establishments that reflect our wine's sophistication and quality. So we have purposely positioned AIX in carefully selected venues and specific locations throughout the world. Our vision is to be seen in all the right places - great places. You'll find us in the chicest restaurants and bars; at celebrity fashionista, sports and launch events; renowned museums, theatres and galleries, and independent premium bottle shops.

''our vision is to be seen in all the right places''


Every bottle of AIX Rose comes with new opportunities to share. Our choice of bottle sizes plays an important part of our sharing mentality. So in the most beautiful restaurants around the globe our bold, distinctive AIX labels can be found across a selection of standard and large format sizes:

  • Standard 750ml
  • Magnum 1.5L
  • Jeroboam 3.0L
  • Methuselah 6.0L
  • Nebuchadnezzar 15.0L

''large format bottles to share''

Product of France.


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