Little Farms Loyalty Members Rejoice! 


We've heard your calls to combine all our instore, online and café loyalty programs together, and, as promised, we’ve now done so.  We’re happy to share that now all loyalty points across the three programs have been combined into a unified program and can be redeemed in stores, at our café and our soon to be opened bistro, and online.  


We need you to do a few things first:  

- Activate your online account by clicking on the Account icon [Login / Register]

- If you do not have an online account you can create one and then check and track your loyalty points

- Enter your email address, click on [SET PASSWORD] and check your inbox. These are a few extra steps to make sure your account and points stay secure!

- Once you're logged in, please check data to make sure it's up to date and correct - this will help us serve you better.

- Start shopping and earn points!


In order to protect and compile your points, phone numbers and emails can only be used and attached to one account - no more sharing of these across various member accounts. 


We're still working on the online points redemption functionality. This will be available early April. In the meantime, you will be able to earn points and redeem them in any Little Farms store and Café/ Bistro.


There will be lots of upcoming rewards, offers and specials lined up for you and the Little Farms Community of loyalty members, so stay on the lookout. 


Should you have any further questions or comments, reach out to us directly at