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Natural Black Olives from Aragon

365g (1 jar)
Natural Black Olives from Aragon is available to buy in increments of 1

Our Natural Black Olives from Aragon are a true Mediterranean gem, cherished for their deep, rich flavor and alluring dark hue. Sourced directly from the sun-soaked orchards of Aragon, Spain, these olives are a reflection of the region's fertile soil and ideal climate for olive cultivation. Black olives get there coloring from ripening longer than green olives, the extra time leads to a softer texture and a deeper flavor profile.

  1. Versatile Use: Natural Black Olives from Aragon are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of culinary applications. From tapenade to salads, pizzas, and charcuterie boards, these olives add a touch of Mediterranean elegance to every dish.

  2. Rich and Flavorful: With only salt added to the olives, you get the full experience of black olives and their bold, full-bodied flavor that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean.

  3. The Perfect Climate for Growing: Aragon benefits from an ideal climate and fertile soil for olive cultivation. The region experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters, creating an excellent environment for olive trees to thrive. The terroir of Aragon imparts unique flavors and characteristics to the olives.

Natural Black Olives and Salt

About 13 servings per container
Serving Size 4-5 pieces (15 g)


Amount per serving
  %Daily Value*
Total Fat 5 g 7%
Saturated Fat less 1 g 3%
Sodium 490 mg 21%
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
Protein 0 g  


Not a significant sourece of Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Dietary Fiber, Total Sugars, Added Sugars, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Potassium.

Once Opened, Keep Refrigerated And Consume Within 15 Days.