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Washed Rind 180g

180 Acres


180 Acres Washed Rind 180g

In 2007, former chef Andrew Gray created 180 acres. The philosophy behind the products is the emphasis on producing the finest and freshest dairy products using milk of the highest quality from various regions throughout Australia. Working closely with master cheese-makers, Andrew has crafted a new range of quality dairy products, using traditional methods and exceptional milk. The cheese is crafted within 24 hours of the milking process to ensure the freshest product.

180 Washed Rind, is made using handcrafted cheese-making methods. Starting its life like a brie with a full white mould bloom, this cheese is washed with a brine and selected cultures over a three week period to produce a soft French washed rind style, with long meaty length of flavour, distinct red brick colour and 'organic' aromas. Using cow's milk sourced from the Hunter Valley, temperate weather conditions make this washed rind ideal throughout most of the year.

Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Cultures, Non-animal Rennet.

Product of Australia.

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