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Kimchi Juice Shot 250mL

Fermentary Products


Fermentary Products Kimchi Juice Shot 250mL

Buy this not just for your Bloody Mary's although they make the very best kind. Buy some because it shocks your taste buds and makes you purse and squint but then smile and go for another. You can also use it in dressings, marinades, through noodles, over tempeh, in a stock.... list goes on. Just in a shot glass with something greasy would be pretty cool too.

A lot of claims are made for the health benefits of kimchi and they do have merit. Think about this: raw and fermented garlic and ginger goodness. Lactobacillus Sakei, known to help with sinus infections is commonly found in kimchi, so this is a good one to help fight off a cold. Probiotic and immune boosting.

Product of Australia..


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