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Organic Luscious Lemon Spread 250g

Food To Nourish


Food To Nourish Organic Luscious Lemon Spread 250g

Food to Nourish is an Australian company dedicated to producing the most nutrient dense organic wholefood products available. Nutritionist, Danielle Minnebo co-founded Food to Nourish in 2013 when she identified a gap in the market for genuinely healthy gluten free foods. Danielle's nutrition background allows her to create products that both taste good but are also made with integrity. Food to Nourish products contain nutrient dense whole food ingredients, with no added flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Their main criteria is that all ingredients they use must be organic and where possible sourced from Australia: certified organic, GMO free, allergen free, nutrient dense, Australian sourced (where possible), free from sugar, artificial colours, flavours & preservatives and produced in an ethical & sustainable way.

All of their nut products used have been activated (activation is basically the germination or sprouting of nuts and seeds). They trigger the sprouting process by soaking nuts in water, apple cider vinegar and salt for 6-18 hours. Nuts are then drained and dried at low temperatures for up to 48 hours. This entire process helps breakdown the phytic acid in the nuts which improves their digestibility and increases the nutrient absorption of minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium. Because this activation process is carried out at low temperatures, it also protects the heat sensitive oil content of the nuts, preventing the oils from going rancid which is what occurs when they are roasted at high temperatures. Best of all, activation results in a nut that tastes so much better than its roasted counter part! The nut is much crunchier in texture and blends up into the most deliciously thick nut butter.

Ingredients: Organic activated cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic raw honey and organic lemon oil.

Product of Australia.

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