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Hibiscus Mead 330ml



Gosnells Hibiscus Mead 330ml

Mead, for most is a drink is swathed in myth and legend and commonly associated with Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales or more recently with Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Made by fermenting honey and water, it is quite probably the worlds oldest alcoholic drink. 

Gosnells mead was born out of Tom Gosnell’s desire to modernise and revive a centuries-old British brewing practice. As London's first and only craft meadery, it celebrates the simplicity of mead and is made by hand with just three ingredients - honey, water and yeast. 

A crisp and refreshing mead with a complex sweetness from the orange blossom honey, Gosnells has a naturally gentle fizz and is gluten-free. A wonderful alternative to cider, it is great with roast dinners, spicy food and hard cheeses (goat’s cheese in particular) or just on it's own on a hot sunny day.

Product of London.

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