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Greek Roasted Pistachios 180g

Papa's Grove


Papa's Grove Greek Roasted Pistachios 180g

Papa€™s Grove is an initiative undertaken by a pair of Greek brothers at the height of the Greek economic crisis that cost co-founder Petros his office job. Wondering what to do next, the duo identified that there is a lack of truly tasty, healthy and reliable Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world and particularly in Asia where Andreas has spent the last decade of his life. Going back to their roots, the siblings decided to finally take advantage of their invaluable inheritance and produce and label their very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil from their family€™s olive groves in the Peloponnese.

At Papa's Grove, 100% of all olive oil comes out as exceptionally extra virgin (this year€™s harvest yielded acidity of 0.21% €“ an olive oil qualifies as EVOO when its acidity is <0.8%) with all chemical analysis scoring highly and sensory tests receiving highest praises from industry experts.

Papa's Grove harvests early, pressing mostly unripe green olives. Even though this is the lowest yielding period in terms of quantity of oil, this early harvest oil "agoureleo" holds the highest amount of polyphenols (antioxidants), which give olive oil its worldwide-acknowledged health benefits. This also explains why their oil has a distinct peppery lingering bitterness (that is coupled with notes of herbs, nuts, citrus & fresh grass). No chemicals are used during their whole production process (their oil is technically considered organic, though cannot be labelled as such due to Greek bureaucracy). The bottle is painted white to protect the oil from heat and direct light exposure.

Ingredients: Pistachios, lemon.

Product of Australia.

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