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Maintenance Protein Blend 500g

Red Hippo


Red Hippo Maintenance Protein Blend 500g

Red Hippo is the first merger of scientifically relevant, synergistically powerful whole food ingredients specifically designed to support all aspects of restoration - with full and open traceability. Red Hippo believe in synergy, the power of combining the ingredients nature provides to transform the integrity and standard of supplements within the industry. Red Hippo investigates every ingredient they buy and use peer-reviewed scientific research as the basis for their products. They manufacture their own products in their own facilities, with their own hands, with ingredients that are non-GMO, organic, high quality and in therapeutic doses.

All Red Hippo products are 100% traceable, free from any fillers, from bioavailable ingredients, no proprietary blends (100% transparent), and free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and additives.

Increase daily nutrients intake and boost well-being. The Maintenance Blend is your complete, well thought out and research backed 'all rounder'. Real living ingredients in their effective dosage to deliver the essential foundations and building blocks for health. In conjunction with your healthy diet, the Maintenance Blend will boost your performance and increase your ability to make the most out of your whole nutritional regimen. Take is anytime, anywhere, mixed with whatever you please.

Ingredients: Hemp protein, bee pollen, msm powder, tumeric, brazil nuts, cordyceps mushroom, broccoli sprout powder.

15g protein per scoop.

Product of Australia.

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