High Octane

150g (1 tin)
High Octane is available to buy in increments of 1

Eden Healthfoods High Octane is a powerful and all natural intra-workout intensifier, using organic and wildcrafted whole herbs and superfoods, renowned for greater muscle endurance. It provides an unrelenting natural energy surge (without any caffeine) to enhance focus and strength for longer, more powerful deeper workouts. 

Containing Tribulis and Sarsaparilla for pure bodybuilding power, four types of ginseng to fight fatigue and coconut water powder to hydrate and deliver vital nutrients to your muscles during your workout. It does NOT contain any caffeine or artificial stimulants, and NO sugar or artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.

Fuel & Electrolyte Complex 1.5g: Goji Berry Powder*, Coconut Water Powder*, Beetroot*, Licorice Root*.

Strength and Hormone Complex 1g: Tribulis*, Mucuna Pruriens*, Sarsaparilla*, Damiana Leaf+. Power and

Endurance Complex 1g: Korean Ginseng*, Siberian Ginseng*, Brazilian Ginseng (Suma)+, Tienchi Ginseng.

Flavour Complex 1.5g: Yumberry Juice Powder, Natural Apple, Stevia*.

*Certified Organic +Wildcrafted

Eden Healthfoods is a genuine health company creating genuine products, with your health as their focus. They're quality driven, creating premium wholefood nutritional supplements. All their products are made to be the strongest, purest and most effective, using the best ingredients available with no expense spared. Their products will change your life and help you Create Powerful Health.