Red Kraut with Fennel

350g (1 jar)

The Fermentary’s sweet, red cabbages, green fennel seed and sea salt are wild fermented in dark barrels that rest in Victoria’s Central Highlands. This delicious, FODMAP-friendly kraut is alive with bacteria to soothe the fussiest of tummies and tastes.

Red Cabbage, Sea Salt, Fennel Seeds

Low Fodmap, Gluten Free, Vegan

The Fermentary is the culmination of a life-long passion of Sharon Flynn, considered to be Australia’s foremost expert on fermentation. Sharon spent more than 20 years immersing herself in the flavours and techniques of the ancient art of slow fermentation in Malaysia, Japan, Europe and the US, before setting up her own space in the regional Victorian town of Daylesford in 2013.

The Fermentary ferment in small-batches, naturally culturing food and drinks, slowly and with minimal intervention. They aim to source their ingredients as locally and in season as possible, with each season ending with salvaged fruits that are used for their water kefirs. They use local vegetables, Australian native botanicals, herbs, barks and Franklinford spring water, so each of their ferments captures the unique tastes of their region. And, unlike current food standards which encourages anonymity, they don’t use any synthetic starter cultures or other processes to help speed their ferments – making them 'wild fermenters'.