Cheese - Camembert

125g (1 pack)

Castello Camembert Cheese has a round and slightly tangy taste, with a delightful earthy under-tone. It is a smooth and creamy sensation that delivers just what you are asking for when it comes to camembert. Maybe even more.


  • Mild
  • Aromatic
  • Round
  • Milky

This Camembert Cheese will leave you with a wonderfully mild taste sensation and a light cheese aftertaste.


  • Dense
  • Soft middle
  • Soft rind

Castello Camembert has a soft rind and a smooth texture. It is best served after being left out in room temperature for a little while or baked, making the middle creamy and oozy. This sophisticated sensation is sure to make you reach for another bite.


1 out of 6. Very mild.

This camembert is sure to leave every guest around your table with an indulgently mild sensation.


Castello was founded in 1893 by their master cheesemaker, Rasus Tholstup. He was by nature a restless explorer when it came to cheese, a man who was never content with the ordinary. Since then, Castello cheeses have always been crafted using the best of traditional techniques and a good deal of 'pioneering spirit'. Their cheesemakers experiment until hitting on a recipe with unique twists and delightful new flavours, giving the Castello collection its distinctiveness.

Milk, Salt, Lactic acid culture, Rennet (microbial), Mould culture

ENERGY 1207 kj 291 kcal
FAT 24 g
SUGAR 0.5 g
SALT 1.5 g
  • Cut in thin wedges and eat it on its own
  • Bake it until the middle is runny and dip breadsticks/crackers in its oozy melted texture
  • Enjoy a slice on bread or crackers
  • Pick a pairing and have it as an indulgent snack
  • Serve on a cheese board as an appetiser, a snack or a dessert
  • Try it in one of our recipes!

This is your best choice when you are looking for a delicious baked camembert flavour. Pop it in an oven and watch the middle get oozy and soft, elevating its mild delicious flavour.