Butter - Pistachio & Almond

250g (1 jar)
Butter - Pistachio & Almond is available to buy in increments of 1

Who says indulgence can't be wholesome? There's no shame in coveting the good things in life, and what could be better than a creamy, luscious butter made from nothing but nut-nobility, almonds and pistachios? Naturally rich in protein, dietary fibre and B vitamins, this bold, lip-smacking condiment only took so long to hit the shelves because we couldn't figure out a way to ship it outside of our bellies! Don't bother with the toast, this butter is best eaten on a spoon

Life's too short to be wasting time with additives: concentrate on the good things, like Alfie's handcrafted, small-batch nut butters. They're made from nothing but the finest, tastiest and most wholesome dry roasted Australian nuts, ground fresh right here in Melbourne. They are firm believers that the art of raw goodness is in the grind, so the only thing they add is the jar.