Organic Pure Maple Water

1 Carton (1kg)

Our certified organic maple water contains 46 naturally occurring bioactives, electrolytes and minerals for better hydration, and also tastes great! 

The 1L format is perfect for everyday hydration at home as well as for creating delicious smoothies, refined teas or coffees.

Country of origin

Organic Maple Water

In spring 2009, Stephane was walking on his land tapping maple trees and getting ready to produce maple syrup. Exhausted and dehydrated, he took a sip of maple sap from the ice bucket that was flowing out of a maple tree.

After recovering quickly, he wondered why such a wonderful had never been shared with the world before. After few years of R & D to master this emblematic natural resource, the first maple farm in the world fully dedicated to the production of maple water was inaugurated.

In addition to its delicious refreshing taste, maple water contains 46 bioactives elements including minerals and electrolytes coming straight from the filtration made by the roots of the trees. They chose nature as their lab and Maple 3 maple water is now enjoyed all around the world!​​