Apero Stuffed Olives - Red Chili Pepper

605g (1 jar)

Our red chilli pepper stuffed green olives are produced using the locally cultivated variety of chilli pepper. The puréed red chilli pepper is hand stuffed in our home produced green pitted olives. The red chilli pepper complements the strong flavour of the olive.

Food pairing


Green Olives, Olive Oil, Red Chilli Pepper, and Soya Oil.

Once opened, keep refrigerated.
May contain traces of nuts and soya.

What grew over two centuries as a family heritage of pressing locally sourced olives from the northern hilly Beino landscape took on a full modernistic vocation in 2004, giving rise to Olive Trade and it's coveted Zejd brand.

Modernity was in no way meant to replace the traditional knowhow. Rain-fed, unbruised, and organically grown local Souri olives are still exclusively handpicked. Oil is cold-extracted by mechanical means, never using any solvents or heat, all in conformity with ISO 22,000 certification. Local farmers and produce are always prioritized, eco-friendly packaging makes the cut, and a zero waste facility ensures byproducts are diverted to irrigation or heating.