Taco Shells

1 Pack (170g)

Our NEW Hard Shell Tacos are gluten-free, super versatile and the perfect base for making delicious, crunchy tacos. Heat to eat, then fill with your favourite meat, beans or veg and choice of toppings and ENJOY! Our Crunchy Beef Tacos and Easy Crispy Chicken Tacos recipes are some irresistible ways to try out our Hard Shell Tacos. You can also swap out the Street Taco wraps with our Hard Shell Tacos for crunchy versions of our Easy Beef Tacos, Fried Chicken Tacos, Turkey Mince Tacos and Chipotle Chicken Tacos. Or even better, have both soft and hard shell versions for an epic, crowd-pleasing taco feast!

Country of origin
United Kingdom

Ground Corn, Coconut Oil

Gran Luchito are very passionate about bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to kitchens around the world.

They pour their heart and soul into Gran Luchito because they want you to discover the joy of cooking and sharing real Mexican food with your friends and family.