Probiotic Living Soda - Yuzu

1 Bottle (330ml)
What tastes like a juicy mandarin but without the sugar hit? Try body's Yuzu Sugar Free Soda on for size. The probiotic soda has left out those nasty artificial colours too, so all that's left is a drink that makes you feel good.
Country of origin

Bod was created to nourish, love, and add value to the body through their range of prebiotic and probiotic health drinks. bod is made for bods everywhere: by real people, who use real ingredients, in an actual brewery. Their products are made in small batches using seasonal ingredients, and come in a range of flavours that all contain active good bacteria, taste great, and help you and your gut live happily ever after.

If you don't wake up and start your day with a smile, a wahoo, or a good old-fashioned laugh, then your body might need a little TLC and a bottle of bod.