Panettone with Pistachio Ricordi Edition

1 Panettone (1kg)
An indulgent panettone made in the true Milanese tradition, flavoured with fresh, earthy pistachios. Sweet, buttery and soft, this gorgeous panettone is hand-wrapped in retro gift paper inspired by the Ricordi collection, an homage to Italian's classical music. A special gift booklet is also included inside.
Country of origin

The history of BreraMilano 1930 dates back the early twentieth century, when Angelo Grioni set up business as a confectioner in Via Amerigo Vespucci. His only son Antonio later carried on his business and moved to Via Francesco Hayez 8, where he merged with his brother-in-law, confectioner Giovanni Cova. These master confectioners decided to home-make Panettone cakes following the old Milan recipe, carrying on a deep-rooted Milanese tradition.

Today, BreraMilano 1930 is known as 'the brand renewing the tradition' – unaltering in its excellent practices even while undergoing continuous evolution.