Ashed Brie

1 Piece (200g)
Coal River's famous Triple Cream Brie has been rolled in charcoal to enhance the creamy, nutty flavour. This cheese has a striking ashy appearance, which will look fabulous on any cheese plate.
Country of origin

Tasmanian Milk, Cream, Salt, European Starter Cultures, Non-Animal Rennet, Activated Carbon

Coal River Farm is a family run business launched by Daniel and Melanie Leesong, who began with a little bit of knowledge but a great love for the finer things in life. What started as a little knitting and growing of a few vegetables (unsuccessfully due to very hungry kangaroos and substandard fencing) turned into something a little larger: a desire to celebrate Tasmania's world class produce. Coal River Farm are excited by the unqiueness of the region, and love making fresh, unique products that put a smile on everyone’s face.