Eggs - Free Range

(6 per pack)

When picking the best eggs for you and your family, Frenz is the natural choice. They're rich and flavoursome with glossy, golden yolks. They're more nutritious, because our hens eat what they have naturally foraged on for thousands of years; insects, green plants and seeds. 

All Frenz eggs are genuine free range. We also produce certified organic eggs (where the hens' feed is 100% organic). These are regularly, independently certified by Bio Gro and inspected by the Ministry of Primary Industries, to the highest export standards.

What's even more important is what's not in our eggs: antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or artificial carotene colouring.

Because Frenz eggs come from nature, their shells are a mix of colours, shapes and sizes. If you're lucky, you may even find a double yolker! To make sure every egg's a good one, we clean, naturally sanitise, inspect, grade, and pack each one ourselves to the highest USA export standard.

Frenz – the original ‘good eggs’. They began farming free range hens in the early 1980s and have pioneered genuine free range eggs in New Zealand ever since. They’ve always provided their hens with a life the way nature intended, to produce the most tasty, nutritious eggs in the whole wide world. Their passionate farmers put their heart and soul into their land and flocks. Today they have 20 FRENZ farms around New Zealand’s North Island.