Brazilian Linguica Sausages

1 Pack (400g)

A Brazilian favourite that is mild, lean, and full of spices. These spices are a secret blend over 100 years old. This sausage has garlic notes accompanied by a rich red wine packing great flavour.

Pork, Water, Salt, Paprika, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Cayenne, Oregano

Sidecar Handcrafted began humbly on a balcony one balmy Singapore evening. Their very first sausages were made with the guiding know-how of their master butcher, trained in his family business in Australia from a young age in time-honoured techniques. Using nothing more than a vintage hand-cranked sausage maker, they made one sausage at a time until they hit perfection. It was an obsession.

Today, Sidecar Handcrafted is made up of a group of passionate food professionals. In strategic partnership with their hugely respected fellow foodies from Fine Palate Catering, Sidecar supplies a range of premium meats, smallgoods and cold cuts, poultry, and fish to consumers, hotels, cafes and restaurants island-wide, alongside their staple of famous handcrafted sausages. Their products are all prepared with the same commitment to quality and the time-honoured way of doing things.