1 Pandoro (750g)
Cousin to the iconic panettone, Pandoro , which translates to 'golden bread' , is a star-shaped sweet bread from Verona. This eight-pointed bread is made without fruit, and is said to be modelled after the region's famous mountains. G. Cova's delicious pandoro comes complete with snow sugar to dust over before serving, allowing it to resemble the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps during Christmas.
Country of origin

Pasticceria G. Cova & Co was established in Milan, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and operated by Giovanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their high quality ingredients and innovative combinations, Cova is the Pannettone maker for the stars, making pastries and Pannettone for some of the finest luxury global cruise lines and distinguished guests. They have been lovingly and expertly crafting their cakes for years and are one of the few Milanese bakers left.