Kombucha Blueberry

1 Bottle (750ml)

JIVA Blueberry Kombucha was originally inspired by our quench for blueberry based foods and beverages. It took us a while to get the right feel for our JIVA kombucha base. When cold it’s as tasty as eating a punnet of freshly picked blueberries!

Created by two brothers with a core passion for wellbeing, and inspired by the lifelong practices of their mother and her personal quest for wellness, Jiva products are all influenced by their founders' ancient Sanskrit heritage.

Jiva is different from every other kombucha on the market. Its raw organic fruit infusions not only bring a real flavour to each handcrafted beverage, but uses a process that allows for lasting, tasty freshness. Each flavour has been inspired by the drinks that Austrlia enjoys, but with a tasty, low-sugar, probiotic twist.