Brie - Lighthouse Blue

200g (1 piece)

Ideal for the blue beginner, Lighthouse Blue Brie is a beautiful blend of creamy brie with a subtle touch touch of blue. It was named after the lighthouses that ward off ships from the island’s treacherous waters.

Did you know? When making blue cheese, the cheese is pierced using stainless steel rods to allow in oxygen to stimulate the development of the blue veins.

Top Tip: For those new to blue cheese, try this cheese with a slight drizzle of honey..

Serving per Package: 8

Serving Size: 25g

Averagr Qty: Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 410kj 1640kj
Protein 4.8g 19.2g
Fat - Total 8.8g 35.0g
Fat -Saturated 5.8g 23.0g
Carbohydrates - Total <1.0g <1.0g
Carbohydrates - Sugars <1.0g <1.0g
Sodium 195mg 780mg
Calcium 116mg 463mg

*14% Recommended Dietary Intake

King Island’s unique microclimate of mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and consistent salt spray results in incredibly lush pastures. Cows graze on this salty grass to produce a sweet, unusually rich milk, which King Island Dairy source from just a handful of local farms. The milk is delivered fresh to the dairy every day, so that all of their cheeses are made on King Island from 100% King Island milk.

Their dedicated cheesemakers use age-old practices of cheese making, with many of their cheeses being carefully turned and wrapped by hand. It takes a whole community to produce King Island Dairy cheese – farmers, milk truck drivers, cheese makers, wrappers and packers, all working together to ensure their award-winning products are enjoyed by cheese lovers around Australia.