Cream - Clotted

100ml (1 pot)

Pure Meander Valley Clotted Cream is made using a traditional technique from Cornwall and Devon in the UK and has the perfect balance of textures with a sweet, rich flavour.

Nutrition Avg Qty Per 100g Avg Qty Per Serving
Energy 2140 535
Protein 1.6 0.4
Fat, total 56 14
- saturated 36.8 9.2
Carbohydrate 2.6 0.65
- sugars 2.6 0.65
Sodium 18 4.5

Meander Valley Dairy was established In Northern Tasmania by third generation dairy farmers to deliver the simple pleasure of rich, thick, pure cream – adding some indulgence Into everyday lives. They believe that quality food comes from quality craftsmanship, so they use high quality ingredients and take the time to carefully craft their products. Today, they continue to use traditional techniques with minimal ingredients, creating a range of dairy products with a focus on natural flavour and quality.