Thyme Zaatar

1 Jar (90g)

Wild oregano is dried, grinded, and blended with roasted sesame seeds and sumac to create a sumptuous treat – a perfect match to Zejd extra virgin olive oil.

Oregano, Sumac, Salt, Roasted Sesame.

What grew over two centuries as a family heritage of pressing locally sourced olives from the northern hilly Beino landscape took on a full modernistic vocation in 2004, giving rise to Olive Trade and it's coveted Zejd brand.

Modernity was in no way meant to replace the traditional knowhow. Rain-fed, unbruised, and organically grown local Souri olives are still exclusively handpicked. Oil is cold-extracted by mechanical means, never using any solvents or heat, all in conformity with ISO 22,000 certification. Local farmers and produce are always prioritized, eco-friendly packaging makes the cut, and a zero waste facility ensures byproducts are diverted to irrigation or heating.