Freeze-Dried Organic Powder - Blackcurrant

171g (1 pack)
Freeze-Dried Organic Powder - Blackcurrant is available to buy in increments of 1

Blackcurrants are naturally high in fiber. Did you know that blackcurrants are a real Vitamin C superstar, containing 4 times more Vitamin C than oranges

Contains organic blackcurrants, harvested from certified organic gardens in Europe

Is made from whole berries, so the powder contains pulp, seeds and skins, i.e. contains more nutrients than juice powder.

Is lab-tested, high in antioxidants, anthocyanins and vitamins.

Serving size: 1 TBSP (8G)=25 KCAL
Vitamin C
Vitamin K1
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6
High fiber


Has no added sugar, no additives, fillers, preservatives, binders or any synthetic ingredients

Add 1-2 tbsp daily to smoothies, yogurt, porridge, cereal, etc. Use in baking or other recipes.