Truffles - Cashew Caramel

60g (1 pack)

Just 2 grams of coconut sugar turns into a caramel crunch in every little cashew truffle!
Our tastiest, healthiest truffle. In that order. Swap your sweet crunchy cravings with this guilt free treat any time in the day.

cashews have the lowest fat content as compared to that of other nuts. They are loaded with phytic acid, a powerful anti-oxidant,great for you hair,nails, and skin. They also have a chock full of magnesium which helps to keep your muscle and nerves relaxed

70% Dark Chocolate (33%), Cashews (30%), Organic Coconut, Coconut Nectar, Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Oil & Dates.

Net Weight Per Box: 60 grams (4 pcs × 15g)

Carbs (g) 4
Fat (g) 5
Protein (g) 3
Calories 78

Protein Bakeshop helps you develop a healthier relationship with food. They were founded in 2013 with the intention of helping sugar addicts to live a better and happier life. They created each product with balanced macros and great taste, so it can become a part of your daily life and not just a cheat meal. Their whole ingredients are great for your gut, hormones, waistline and taste buds.